WordPress Websites = More Control

Following on from our last post on WordPress vs WordPress.org


WordPress self hosted websites offer much more control over WordPress.org websites.


Giving you huge choices when it come to design and plugins that can be incorporated into the website itself.


Below is our latest website design project for a Tree Surgeon business owner who needed a design that had a clean and crisp appearance, which would be simple but attractive, giving a fantastic user experience.


Take a look & let us know what you think… Be sure to get in touch with us for your next website design project via the contact page : )


Tree Services in Sutton Coldfield

Should You Go With WordPress.com or WordPress.org?


WordPress.com is a commercial site that allows you to host your site for free, with some limitations. It runs on open source WordPress platform. When you host your website with WordPress.com, your site will be free. Your site will have security updates automatically.

All you need to do is sign in and design your site. There is no need to install software even. With WordPress.org, you can get your copy of the WordPress CMS software for free. You need to find your won hosting company to hold your WordPress site and you can have your own domain name. With this, you will have total control on the website.

Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are good options for your website. As a result, choosing one can be a complex decision. These are the factors you should consider when deciding whether to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org:

#1 Cost

For a website without any custom domain name and that uses free features, WordPress.com is the cheapest option. But if you want a fully-featured website with custom domain name and unlimited storage, then WordPress.com will become expensive. WordPress.org offers more control and less cost than WordPress.com.

#2 Limitations and Freedom

WordPress.com provides free web hosting, but with limitations. If you want to run sites like an ecommerce site, you cannot do so unless you upgrade; and this involves money. With WordPress.org you have the freedom to scale your server and hosting for larger sites any time.


#3 Development and Maintenance

With WordPress.com you don’t need to worry about the maintenance and development of your website. The team of WordPress.com will automatically do the updates and maintenance for you. In case of WordPress.org, the maintenance works have to be done by the user.

Considering all these factors, it seems that WordPress.org would be best if you want different features on your web site and if you want to have full control of the website.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Designer

blog2With so many tools available online, it is very easy for a non professional also to build a webpage. Yet, you need to take help from a professional web designer to give that professional look to your website. Here are the reasons why you should hire a professional web designer:

Custom design


A professional web designer designs a website to meet your unique needs.

They will analyze your products and services and try to achieve the organizational goals.

Non professional web designers offer limited text and graphic options. A custom design may not be possible with non professional web designers.

Visual properties

The look of your website is very important. The colors, graphics, navigation features, etc. are very important aspects of a website. A professional web designer can use these features efficiently.

New technologies

New codes are being introduced in the market very often. Every day web designers are coming up with ways to attract visitors to your site. Using a professional web designer ensures that your website is designed using the latest technologies. Non professional web designers will not use RSS feeds, videos, etc. as they might affect the website.

SEO complianceseo

Professional web designers will always optimize your website. SEO is done on websites to increase the rankings by social engines. Web sites designed by non professionals are not always SEO compliant.

Webmaster services

A professional designer will provide continuous maintenance services for the website. As technology is changing, it is necessary to update your website whenever required. The professionals ensure that your website is up-to-date with the latest trends.

Many people don’t understand the benefits of a good web design. They also don’t realize that a poor website may cause serious damage to their business.

There are professionals who offer website development at a very affordable price. So, you should definitely hire a professional web designer for your business website. If you’re still not convinced we suggest you watch this short video…

4 Most Commonly Use CMSs in the World


There are many CMS’s available. But designers don’t want to learn these different types, they want only a couple of CMSs for their sites. They look for something that is powerful, at the same time, flexible.

#1 WordPress

It is a PHP-based, free CMS. It is a very common platform now for building websites. Though it originally started as a blogging platform, it now powers many non-blogging sites like multi-page brochure style sites or social networks, etc.

There are many themes, plugins and widgets available for WordPerss. It is very easy to find information on WordPress, that is, many tutorial and documentation is available.

#2 Joomla!


This is also a PHP-based and free CMS. Many renowned companies use Joomla! as the CMS for their website. It is also used for backend networks. It can be used for inventory system, reservation system, etc. also. It has a very big developer community. So, finding information is easy. Thousands of plugins and add-ons are also available.

#3 Drupal

It is a popular CMS used by renowned companies like MIT, New York Observer, and many. It has different features for building both internal and external sites. There are also lots of tools to organize the content. Drupal’s community is huge. It has forums, IRC channels, etc.

The documentation is continuously being improved and updated. The documentation is very extensive and includes everything about installation, design themes, etc. Thousands of add-ons are available. This means you don’t have to code for complex features, instead you can focus on the content and design of the website.

#4 ExpressionEngine


It is a blend of open source and commercial software. Many good websites are built on ExpressionEngine. It only has 22 add-ons and 100 plugins. There is wiki, discussion forum, etc. There are community plugins available too.

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